Aryavart Institute of Technology & Management  
B.Tech & MBA Approved by AICTE - New Delhi, Affiliated to Gautam Budha Technical University
(formely U.P.T.U), Lucknow College Code-357
Diploma Approved by AICTE-New Delhi, Affiliated to Board of Technical Education Lucknow, UP. College Code-286
and for counseling under Institute Code-2074


Form Director's desk...
  Director's Message :

In the world where change is a buzzword and innovation is the basic necessity, AITM teaches its students to ingrain innovativeness as a way of thinking that governs every aspects of life thereby to foster growth of business through its leaders and decision makers. Crafted with the guidance of leading Corporate, AITM's programs encompass a systematic approach in acquiring technological and managerial skills to enhance corporate sustainability.
Since beginning, the AITM has been providing solutions to industries and business, taking cognizance of ever changing need of dynamic business and technological environment. To meet these challenges, students of AITM have been striving to reach pinnacle of success through their hard work, integrity and leadership. The intelligence, high energy and exuberance of our students backed by their strong academic and analytical skills, assure that they bring an added measure of expertise to the industry.

AITM has an amicable atmosphere, allowing all to share their thoughts and discuss various subjects. Every program is conscientiously designed to provide students with the skill set, attitude and commitment needed to capably manage the full range of global challenges.

The students at AITM are both enthusiastic and sharp and possess a remarkable set of talents and abilities, which makes their experience all the more fulfilling. As part of a productive and knowledgeable academic family, they endeavor to constantly better themselves and achieve greater accomplishments. Furthermore, the curriculum which takes in to accounts the expectations of user industry, with a comprehensive understanding of opportunities and discipline, assists them in their varied pursuits.  From a personal point of view as well, I envision AITM to impart a global perspective, motivating students to excellence.

Director, AITM
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