Aryavart Institute of Technology & Management  
B.Tech & MBA Approved by AICTE - New Delhi, Affiliated to Gautam Budha Technical University
(formely U.P.T.U), Lucknow College Code-357
Diploma Approved by AICTE-New Delhi, Affiliated to Board of Technical Education Lucknow, UP. College Code-286
and for counseling under Institute Code-2074


Department of Electronic & Communication


Electronics is that branch of science and technology which makes use of the controlled motion of electrons through different media and vacuum. The ability to control electron flow is usually applied to information handling or device control. Electronics is distinct from electrical science and technology, which deals with the generation, distribution, control and application of electrical power.

The Electronics and Communication Department has organized itself in tune with the latest development in the field of electronics and communication and has established the following State-of-the-art Labs:-

* Analog Electronics Lab

* Digital Electronics Lab

* Electronics Workshop & PCB Lab

* Communication Lab

* Analog Integrated Lab

* Microprocessor Lab

* Digital Signal Processing Lab

* CAD Lab

* Microwave Engineering Lab

* Microwave & Optical Fiber Communication Lab

* Project Lab

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