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(formely U.P.T.U), Lucknow College Code-357
Diploma Approved by AICTE-New Delhi, Affiliated to Board of Technical Education Lucknow, UP. College Code-286
and for counseling under Institute Code-2074


Department of Applied Science & Humanities


Evolving education, as evolving life, is a process of adaption to change. Nowhere change in more rapid and continuing than in the sciences and nowhere in the sciences, advances are being made more rapid than basic sciences. Department of Applied Science & Humanities offer courses in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Environment& Ecology, English, Industrial Psychology, Industrial Sociology and Human Values.


Mathematics enhances the ability to think clearly, pay attention to details, manipulate precise and intricate ideas, follow complex reasoning, construct logical arguments and expose illogical ones.


The main aim of physics is to identify fundamental laws and show how these may be involved to predict and explain a natural phenomenon. The physics laboratory is equipped with the latest scientific instruments which undergraduate students require.

The laboratory is partitioned into two spacious rooms. One of the rooms is meant for experiments based on general physics while the other is a dark room meant for experiments in optics. The main experimental set up available in the area of general physics consists of determination of energy band gap in semiconductors, verification of Statefanís law, determination of Hall coefficient, calibration of voltmeter & ammeter using power supplies, potentiometer and batteries, determination of specific resistance using Carey Fosterís bridge, determination of viscosity of liquid, determination of variation of magnetic field.

The dark room experiments consist of Spectrometer, Nodal slide assembly Biquartz polar meter, Newtonís ring assembly and Fresnel biprism experiments.


Chemistry is an interface with all scientific disciplines and knowledge of this subject is essential for understanding nature, as well as progress of the society and promotes well being of the society.
The chemistry lab is well equipped with the latest instruments prescribed by the university curriculum. The laboratory has a separate room for weighing having the latest single pan electric and chemical balances.
It also has the Biquartaz Polar meter, Digital pH-meters, Digital controlled muffle furnace, Electric oven, Distilled water generating unit, water-bath apparatus, magnetic stirrer, etc. The laboratory is well-equipped to train the basics of the subject and also for research on industrial requirements.


The department provides instructions in professional communication and management, which aims to develop communication, interpersonal and organizational skills among students. An audio-visual language laboratory has multimedia computers, television, video cassette player, overhead projectors, a music system, and software from British Council of India to help students speak fluent English.

  In this department, highly experienced faculty members guide freshly admitted students and offer counseling to prepare them for a professional career. Each faculty in her/his field is well devoted, dedicated and result oriented. The department has well-equipped labs. 

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